Support To Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your health and your finances, especially in these uncertain times.  If you’re ready to stop smoking, we’re ready to help.

We provide free stop smoking support in 14 general practices across Te Tai Tokerau. Those practices are:

  • Bayview Medical Centre, Paihia
  • Bream Bay Medical Centre
  • Broadway Health Kaikohe
  • Broadway Health Kaitaia
  • Broadway Health Waipapa
  • Kensington Health
  • KeriMed Doctors Partnership, Kerikeri
  • Onerahi Family Healthcare
  • Raumanga Medical Centre
  • Russell Medical Services
  • Rust Ave Medical Centre
  • The Doctors Tikipunga
  • Whakawhiti Ora Pai, Te Kao
  • The Whanau Ora Community Clinic, Kaeo

 Our stop smoking service offers:

  • Face-to-face support
  • If you are a Hapū Māmā or Wāhine Māori you can qualify for up to $150 in Warehouse vouchers when your quit attempt is successful
  • We provide free nicotine replacement therapy, this includes gum, lozenges and patches or prescription medication to support you on your journey to quit/become smokefree.  
    • Using patches, gum and lozenges can double your chances of quitting. They will reduce your cigarette cravings without damaging your health.
    • They work by replacing some of the nicotine you usually get from cigarettes or tobacco but without the nasties you inhale into your lungs and bloodstream from smoking. 

 If you prefer your GP can also refer you to a specialist community stop smoking practitioner, for more information visit the Toki Rau website here.

Why it’s really important for your baby to quit before, during and after pregnancy

Manaakitia te māhuri he tupuna kei roto – Nothing is more important than giving new life. Nurture and take care of the future that grows within, for one day they will stand as the ancestors of tomorrow.

When you smoke, poisons enter your bloodstream, then pass through the (whenua) placenta to baby. These poisons harm your baby’s health. This puts baby at risk of numerous problems including Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy (SUDI), glue ear, asthma and leukemia.

You can use nicotine patches, gum or lozenges when you are pregnant. These will help ease the cravings.

Staying quit after baby is born is still important. The first six weeks is a time many women find challenging. Even if you don’t smoke around baby, poisons from cigarettes will stay in your clothes and hair. Baby will be exposed to these. 

 Northland District Healthboard Services:Hapu Wānanga ki  Te Taitokerau

 Nga Tatai Ihorangi, hapu mama antenatal and wellness wananga coaches can personalize your smokefree experience, as well as Wananga with other hapu whanau - supporting your journey to wellness.

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