The COVID-19 Clinical Hub: A patient's experience

Sunday 10 July 2022

Connie Hassan - Clinical Hub patient.jpg

Waipapakauri resident Connie Hassan is one of thousands of patients the Mahitahi Hauora Clinical Hub has helped to support since February this year.

"I couldn't have wished for better care," Connie says. "They were so loving, so caring, asking me not only how I was physically, but emotionally, and whether we needed kai or any other extra support."

The Clinical Hub supports the primary care response to managing COVID in the community by providing overflow capacity for overstretched practices, weekend cover, and managing unenrolled patients with COVID. When Connie caught COVID, her general practice, Te Hiku Hauora, and the Clinical Hub worked together to provide the clinical care she needed. 

One nurse in particular, Clinical Hub RN Karin Broughton, stands out in Connie's mind. Karin noticed a problem with Connie's breathing as they spoke over the phone. When Connie's breathlessness and tight chest was failing to improve, Karin called an ambulance. Connie was taken to the hospital, assessed, and given antibiotics and prednisone to treat a chest infection. Feeling much better, she was able to return home later in the day. 

"Having the ambulance made a big difference. I got the medication I needed, and it was reassuring for my husband, who also had COVID, as well," Connie says. "I'm so proud of our Clinical Hub. I can't thank them enough."